12 Things That Makes a Bra Uncomfortable

Finding a bra that fits perfectly, especially if you have a big bust, can be difficult. There’s always that tiny winey detail that disappoints at the end of the day. If your straps are not digging into your skin painfully, the cups are tearing your breasts apart. It’s a never-ending struggle but it doesn’t have to be that way. All busts are beautifully made and there are equally beautiful bras tailored to fit them perfectly. You just have to pay attention to detail.

Do you wish you could be able to find a more comfortable bra? Then you must first learn what makes bras uncomfortable. In this article, we describe 12 common bra issues and give you solutions, including big bust bras. With these insights you will be able to make better choices when you buy a bra and how to use them correctly to maximize comfortability.

1. Quad boobs

One or several of your bras may be guilty of this problem even though you’ve probably never heard of this term. “Quad boobs” refer to a situation whereby you bra splits your each of your breasts into two, causing an unappealing “swelling” that protrudes on your shirt. It’s also quite uncomfortable. Quad boobs attract a lot of unwanted attention especially if you’re in a formal setup. It’s like walking around with a wannabe cleavage. No one wants that of course.

Solution: Quad boobs often result from small cups which press too hard against your breasts, dividing them into two portions. Other times, a bra’s design could be causing this problem. For instance, if it’s designed with a curve on top of the cups, it may spit dig into your breasts tightly and split them. To eliminate this problem, pick a cup size that fits you. Start by ensuring your bra’s bad size fits perfectly, because often when the cups are too small, the entire bra will also be small. If the band is comfortable, try changing your cup letter. For instance, if you normally wear US40G / EU90G, try US40H / EU90H. This way, you’ll have adjusted the cup size but maintained the band size. You may also consider changing your bra’s design. Bras with double cups or soft laces at the top will probably sit more politely on your breasts.

2. Side boobs and underboobs

Some people love a bit of side boob or underboob, but these two scenarios are considered inappropriate in most contexts. Bras are supposed to gather your breasts from the side, below and above and contain them in a beautiful smooth curve. If the bra is unable to do this, it’s most probably small. Think of it as wearing a top. Your bust will definitely spill out if there isn’t enough room.

Solution: Know your bra size by taking the right measurements. Bra size is measured in both letters and numbers (eg. US38 / EU85D or US44E / EU100E). The numbers represent your band’s circumference covering the area right below your breasts from the front to the back. The letter is your cup size. You can measure your circumference with a tape measure. It could be in centimeters or Inches depending on how bras in your country are measured. As for the cup size, you can use an online calculator to establish the right letter. Some calculators, for instance, require you to measure the areas below your breasts and the area over your bust (placing the tape measure over your nipples. Once you input these figures, the automated calculators will give you several options that will work for your bust.

“when the bra band cuts through your skin so deep that it hurts, then there is a problem”

3. Back band digging in and “bread rolls”

“Rolls” are not such a bad thing because that’s your bra’s way of settling into place. However, when the bra band cuts through your skin so deep that it hurts, then there is a problem. Your bra will dig into your skin if the band is too small or too big. The band is as important as the cups and if it’s too small or inflexible, it will dig into your soft flesh. Loose fitting bras cause rolls when they move out of place and end up clinging on your flesh to try and stay put.

Solution: First, try adjusting your bra hooks at the back. You’re probably hooking your bra too tight. You may also consider changing your bra size to a size that fits better. In addition, buying bras with a thick, flexible band elongated to cover a bigger area may also help as they cover a bigger area thus reducing the possibility of “rolls”.

4. Shoulder strap marks

Wearing a sleeveless dress during the summer is not always an option when your bra has left semi-permanent strap marks on your shoulders. This happens when your bra is too big. The bra is a collection of parts which are supposed to hold your breasts collaboratively. If your bra is too big, the cups will not play their role and neither will the band. As a result, the straps end up doing all the heavy lifting. Most women over-adjust their strap to make up for oversized bras. Overworked straps will weigh heavy on your skin leaving strap marks.

Solution: It’s simple, ensure your bra bands fit tightly (not too tight) around the circumference below your breasts. In addition, the cups should hold your breasts firmly and not loosely. This will ensure every part is a team player rather than dead weight. Lastly, go for bras with thick and wider straps as they’re less likely to cut through your shoulders.

5. Malicious underwire

Underwired bras are excellent as they hold your breasts firmly in place. However, they can easily turn against you and shoot straight at your chest. Underwires tend to pop out of place and stick out dangerously; making you uncomfortable every time they pinch or prick your skin. Underwire problems could be caused by several issues; first, a bra with weak fabric faces normal wear and tear which eventually exposes the underwire. Second, when your bra is too small, the wire may begin to press hard against your chest, making you very uncomfortable.

Solution: Buy underwired bras only if the supporting fabric is strong enough to hold the wire in for a long time. Also, avoid wearing small cupped bras, especially if they’re underwired. If you’re not sure about your bra size, try bras without the wire for a while until you master your size.

6. The back band running uphill

This has to be the most common and most annoying issue for women with big busts. It’s as if your cups and the back band are having a tug of war and the cups are winning. When your breasts weigh heavy on a big bra, the cups pull the straps and in return, the cups pull the band upwards. It’s not only uncomfortable but it also looks hideous if you’re wearing a dress or a top with a low cut on the back. The bra is supposed to lift your breasts lightly upwards if it’s properly sized. However, if it’s too big, the breasts will be left hanging while pulling the straps and band.

Solutions: Make sure your bra cups hold your breasts firmly and not loosely. The band too should fit tightly in a way that your breasts’ weight rests comfortably on the cups and the bands. It all narrows down to buying the right size of bras.

7. Falling straps

Every part of a bra is measured to achieve proportion. When your bra’s band is too big, the straps will be wide apart. This means they will not lie on the central part of your shoulder’s as they should but rather on the edges. As a result, they will fall from time to time. Otherwise, straps that are centrally positioned cannot move by themselves to the edges of your shoulders.

Solution: If all your straps are constantly falling from your shoulders, consider bras with smaller band sizes. You do not have to change your cup size if it fits perfectly. You may, however, move a band down and a cup up as a smaller band will probably have a smaller cup. For instance, if you’ve been wearing 90D, try out 85DD.

8. One large mass instead of two breasts

Having a big bust doesn’t mean your breasts should look like one big package. There is a reason your bra comes with two cups separated by a bridge. A bridge is the part of your bra that connects one cup to the other. It should sit firmly on your breastbone. The bridge should not be hanging and neither should its underwires be lying on your breasts. Their purpose is to separate your two breasts beautifully and hold them in their rightful places. If this is not the case, your bra is too small and as a result, it’s clasping your breasts together. Such a bra will also distort the breasts’ shape.

Solution: Try bras with a bigger band size and ensure they have underwires.

9. Popping buttons

You like nice chiffon tops with buttons on the front but you know too well what might happen if you try them out. Girls with big busts find themselves looking at their chests from time to time to make sure the buttons are not struggling to pop open. Such scenarios have nothing to do with the size of your breasts. At times it could be your shirt’s size but often the type of your bra you’re wearing is the culprit. Bras with excessive padding or push-ups tend to increase your bust’s size such that normal fitting shirts seem smaller.

Solution: As a woman, you need bras for all occasions and wearing a buttoned shirt is an occasion if you face this problem often. Buy bras with the soft mesh fabric which adds zero volume to your bust.

10. Naughty hooks

When the hooks at the back of your bra can’t handle the pressure, they unhook themselves. If that happens, you end up feeling very vulnerable and exposed. It gets worse if you’re in a public space where you can’t fix the mess. So you end up doing the walk of shame as you look for washrooms. Hooks can misbehave due to a couple of reasons; the bra is old and stretched out, the back band is small or the band is too big.

Solution: Change your bra size depending on how the current ones make you feel. If the bra feels too tight and uncomfortable, the hooks could be struggling to stay together because your band is too small. Therefore purchase bras with a bigger band size or look for flexible bands which stretch. If the bra feels too loose, any kind of movement will cause the hooks to move and unhook themselves. It would, therefore, be advisable to buy smaller bras. You could also buy a new bra with the same size because when bras get older, they stretch out and become “big”.

11. Sweating

During the summer, people sweat a lot, but when you have a big bust you might end up with extra wet patches of sweat surrounding your breasts. It’s obviously an embarrassing state of affairs. You can’t walk around with a piece of cloth wiping the sweat but you can wear a bra that doesn’t heighten the sweating.

Solution: Stock up on bras made of breathable fabrics for the season. These are bras with light materials such as mesh lace and regular lace. Cotton would also be a great option as it can absorb the sweat rather than releasing it to trickle.

12. Shoulder and neck pain

Finally, the effects of wearing the wrong bra can be worse than simple, embarrassing issues. Sometimes the effects are health-related. When your bra is unable to contain your bust’s weight, you might experience shoulder and neck pain. In extreme cases, your posture may change because your bust’s weight could be affecting your spine as well.

Solution: You don’t have to endure the pain when a bra change could change your life. What you need is a bra that bears the weight of your bust without failure. As mentioned above, your bra should gather your bust and contain it inside the cups. However, when the cup is too big, your breasts’ weight will have nowhere to sit. As a result, breasts will hang, pulling the skin around it tightly. They will also pull the straps tight tightly as discussed When the straps dig too dig into your shoulders, they may cause nerve problems in the long run. Invest in bras that fit properly and if the problem persists, try different designs. Minimizer cup bras, for instance, lift and compress your breasts rather than leaving them to hang. These types of bras may not give you a sexy cleavage but they’re a healthier option.

In conclusion, the type of bra you pick can have a huge impact on different areas of your life. An uncomfortable bra will affect your confidence, your health and social life. You can’t afford to worry about these common issues or back pain when you could be feeling sexy and upbeat. Eliminating these issues starts with taking your bra shopping experience seriously. It’s not just about fencing the twins in. It’s about your health and your overall appearance. An important tip to consider would be trying out different designs and fabrics until you find the perfect one.

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