We at Zarella are always working to improve your experience when you choose to shop with us. Below is all the information relating to returns, exchanges, and claims of goods purchased at Zarella.



Your purchases include exchange and return rights for 30 days and refund rights, from the day you received your package. The goods may be tested, with the exception of sealed products in original packaging. Exchange and refunds apply provided that the goods are returned unused in the original packaging, in undamaged condition and with all labels and hygiene protection remaining on the goods.

If you would like to change the item color or size you will instead have to return your item and make a new purchase. Do this:

  • Pack the item well (preferably in original packaging). You as a customer are responsible for the goods being packed so that they can handle handling in the shipment to the warehouse.
  • Attach the prepaid return address tag that came with the item on top of the old address label
  • Hand in the package to your nearest DHL representative.

For large campaigns such as sales, the process may take longer to handle your return. Once we receive your package we credit the goods on your invoice.



Zarella carefully examines each item before sending it to you. Would you nevertheless receive the wrong goods, Zarella will bear the shipping cost in the event of a return. If you as a customer wish to report an error, you should contact customer service at as soon as possible after the fault was discovered, and customer service will help you. Once we receive the item and approve the complaint, you can chose whether you want a new identical item or if you want the money back. Note that Klarna always processes refunds. Zarella is not allowed to refund cash or cashback cards during Klarna purchases. We reserve the right to not offer a new product in case of a zero-balance on a complaint. Should a dispute arise, we refer to the General Complaints Boards recommendations.




The package that is not collected within 14 days is automatically sent back to Zarella e-commerce warehouse. If you do not pick up your package, you will have to pay a handling fee for unretrieved packages totaling 15 GBP. This handling cost corresponds to the shipping costs and administrative handling costs sending out your ordered package and received it in return to our e-commerce warehouse.